Our Story

From Past to Present

A Company is Born

In 1975, after serving his country in World War II as a Marine and having worked for others all his life, Frank M. Wilson Jr. started South Texas Gas Service out of his home in Sinton, Texas. He worked tirelessly to provide excellent service to those willing to give him a chance. 

The First Office

Frank eventually moved his operation to an actual office in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1991. Among his employees were his daughter who served in the Navy, Jayme and her husband, Richard. Frank, Richard, and Jayme worked together to make the business flourish as more companies came to trust and use their services. 

Moving to a New Location

In 2002, the business was moved back to Sinton to an office building in an effort to cut down on commute time to work. 

Keeping it in the Family

Jayme and Richard took over ownership of the business in 2010. They have kept the business at the same location, but have worked tirelessly to keep the legacy that the business has acquired over the decades. 

A New Look

Eventually, Jayme and Richard decided it was time for a new update look for their business. They started with a new logo, a Facebook page, and a website.